Mission statement


The Art of War is here to help veteran's that suffer from
issues that are associated with living and working in a war zone. We offer an
outlet for their issues with PTSD, and to transcend their issues into the
making of art and other hands on activities as a release of stress. By focusing
on doing things with their hands and being in a group that have shared
experiences, day to day stresses seem to be easier to cope with.

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We take care of our own

In the field we depend on each other. So many times when Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen get home they are all alone. You feel distant from your family and friends because they just don’t understand. We offer a place where we do understand. We at the Art of War have all been to war. We have all made it home and have our struggles and demons to fight. Just like deployment we will stand next to you and help you fight them.

We as a country sent these men and women into harms way and now need to lend a helping hand to help in their way back to normal life.


What We Offer 



The Art Of War is here to help individuals that suffer from
issues that are associated with living and working in a war zone. We offer an outlet for their PTSD issues to transcend into art and other projects as a release.


As an overveiw of what we offer the veteran's is fellowship and the outlet for them to turn their feelings and experiences  into art. We  also use art as a very loose term because art means so many different things to so many people. Art could be a painting or a picture. It could also be a brass sculpure, or even an old car restored to its original beauty. We are here to facilitate this as much as possible by providing the tools, supplies, expertise, and a place to make the art of their choosing. It is my dream to have several sites that offer a wide variety of learning oppurtunities and  the ability to have our veteran's make whatever their hearts desire with the goal of making their lives more fulfilling and giving them tools to relieve stress, along with reintegration into society.



We also help with networking in industry. This could be just helping someone find work in an industry that is new to them but that fits their skill set. It could also be finding leaders and innovator’s in nitch industries that could provide facts and data that could be used to build proto type's for that veteran. After all the facts and data are arranged and discussed we build it. No lengthy paperwork, no see these 10
people and if they all agree we can do it. Just plain and simple. Think it, plan it, build it, us it.

We are lucky enough to know and work with major players in the manufacturing industry that are more than willing to help on most occasions.


At some point we hope to have sponsorship that we will be able to display on the site and on some of the projects we make. I hope to be able to do one large shop project (car or truck) a year that we can sell after SEMA to generate interest and money for the Non-profit to keep us going. 

The reasoning behind our two almost separate approaches  to Art are with Vehicles on one side and metal, clay, and other types of free art are this. We have to think about a few things. First being the therapy portion which both conventional art and working and building a vehicle can provide.  Another thing we need to be concerned with incorporating is technical skill into our veteran’s therapy. While painting, sculpture, and other forms of metal art are great to learn and do, the term starving artist originated somewhere. While the ability to work on and build vehicles is a skill that could become a revenue source for someone that has maybe less talent than an Artist arena. We feel that with a broad almost undefined scope for art we may lose the attention of some of our donors
but, we will be able to hone skills in both conventional and unconventional art and give our veterans the best possible chance to succeed.


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This was one of our most powerful pieces. Making it from scrap armor from vehicles in and around Balad Iraq was not the powerful part. We put it in DEFAC #1 at the main entrance and before I was finished placing the 2000 lbs of artwork,... I 550 corded a sharpie to the flag and wrote on the front a few of my Sea Bee friends that had been killed in action. The powerful part was that I came back to Balad early 2010 to do a quick job. I found our sign still there with over 1500 rest in peace messages written on her. The hair on my neck stood on end. That in itself gave me the motivation to start the Art of War. In remembering our friends, coworkers and, buddies we start the healing process for our selves.

The Latest News

  1. We are now a 501C3 aproved charitable organization
  2. We are also working on making the web site as user friendly  as posible.
  3. We are now located in Woodinville Washington which is half way between Fort Lewis and Whidby Island bases in the north West corner of the US
  4. We want to show our thanks to Brody's in Lynnwood for helping sponsor the shop truck wrap. http://www.brodysmufflers.com/